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    Enjoy more power and improved driveability

     Are you bored of the performance of your car? Does it feel gutless? Have you considered purchasing a car with better performance? Is your fuel economy pretty bad?

    Well, you don’t need to get rid of your car. We can give your car a performance or Economy remap. Both remaps options will give your car more fuel economy while increasing the power to an enjoyable and safe level.

    We can remap most cars including Petrol and Diesel cars and in some cases Performance can be increased by up to 30% while fuel economy up to 25%.

    How we customize your JWS Remap

    Air/fuel ratio (AFR) – it’s important the air and fuel mixture is at its optimum at all times. Too rich (more fuel) or too weak (more air) will make for poor performance and could affect emissions performance that can cause MOT failure.

    Injector Duty Cycles (IDC) – we ascertain whether your fuel injectors have any more capacity to supply fuel at a faster rate than standard to the engine. We’d never run the risk of the hardware (in this case the injectors) failing because new ECU software places over-heavy demands on them.

    Exhaust gas temperature (EGT) – a top class remap such as ours avoids letting exhaust gas temperatures exceed accepted levels. EGTs inevitably rise when aspects such as turbo boost pressures are increased; our remap keeps them under control.

    Turbo boost pressure – if fitted, the turbo boost pressure is altered in a way that improves power delivery and responsiveness but avoids settings that could damage the turbo or its compressor by placing excessive demands on it.