BMW Master Technician

You don’t get any more qualified in the BMW world than a BMW Master Technician. It takes many years of training and rigorous exams to qualify as a Master.   This is why, at JWS, we are extremely proud to employ a fully qualified BMW Master Technician, meaning your car is in the best of hands.

Dealer Equipment

As well as having our very own BMW Master, we also invest in BMW software so we can quickly and accurately diagnose your vehicles issue. But we aren’t just limited to the BMW software.  Unlike dealerships, we have a range of diagnostic tools and equipment at our disposal, suitable for all makes and models.

Rolling Road Diagnostics

We are very aware that not all issues are easy to replicate and sometimes requires driving in a certain manor to replicate them. This is when we can use the Rolling Road to assist. Our Rolling Road not only allows us to tune vehicles, it allows us to safely simulate certain driving conditions, like long extended hill climbs or extensive over runs. The Rolling Road also allows us to drive at speeds not allowed on the public roads, so if its a track issue or something which happens on the Autobahns we will be able to safely (and legally!) replicate the fault.

DPF solutions

One of the most common issues for modern diesel engines is DPF faults.  At JWS, we offer a  number of DPF solutions to rectify the issue.  One of the most cost effective of these is a DPF Regeneration run on our Rolling Road.  The Rolling Road means we are able to create just the right amount of engine load to effectively regenerate the DPF which just isn’t possible on the public roads.

Walnut blasting

 For emissions purposes most newer cars (Petrol & Diesel) are now fitted with an EGR valve.

The EGR valve works by recirculating a measured amount of the exhaust gases back into the engine through the air intake system, reducing the amount of emissions the engine produces.

The problem lies with the exhaust gas that contains carbon deposits.  This gas is constantly being recirculated through the engine, which, over time, will cause a build-up of the carbon deposits in the intake manifold and inlet to the valves.  Removing this build up of carbon restores lost power and reduces misfiring and poor economy.

So, what is Walnut Blasting?

Walnut Blasting is a safe method of removing carbon deposits from the inlet tract and inlet valves using fine granules of walnut shell which are blasted at high speeds using specialist equipment

 Benefits and Improvements you can expect after Walnut  Blasting include:

  • Better throttle response.
  • Smooth engine idle.
  • Improved fuel economy.
  • Increased horsepower.
  • Other benefits of a clean engine