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Airtec R53 intercooler

Airtec R53 intercooler

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?AIRTEC R53 Intercooler



Bolt on BHP, by lowering the charge Air temperatures, a remapped car has increased power by ecu changes that raise boost pressure and other parameters, this increase in boost pressure raise intake temps and power loss soon follows, by fitting an up-rated intercooler you lower these intake temps, in turn increasing bhp and making?your engine?safer


?Upgrading your MINI R53 intercooler is highly recommended when reducing the pulley size or when remapping your MINI Cooper S or JCW. This is because these modifications increase the intake temperature and, if it gets too hot, the ECU will rein back power making the performance modifications redundant.

?? ???? ?Features

?? ???? ?Available in Pro-Series satin Black or Silver finish

?? ???? ?No drilling required

?? ???? ?Huge Air deflector fin ‘forces air into front section of intercooler’

?? ???? ?Full Alloy Air ram scoop

?? ???? ?CNC connecting flanges

?? ???? ?First R53 of the shelf Intercooler to have 60mm core

?? ???? ?Cast alloy smooth flow end tanks, no turbo surge issue’s with this design.?

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